June 12, 2009

Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke was just an average 14 year old boy with a crush an an average girl named Risa, or so he thought.

On his birthday he discovers he comes from a bloodline where the males turn into the Phantom Theif Dark-Mousy. It's all connected to love. When he thinks about the one he loves, Risa, a gene in his DNA reacts and he becomes Dark. He can only change back when Dark thinks about the one he loves, Riku.

Daisuke is very good at picking locks and avoiding obstacles because he had been trained to be a phantom theif since he was very young.

Daisuke is a kind hearted young boy. He is sweet and will rush to anyone's aid if need be. Daisuke's heart, however, is a place of confusion. As Daisuke evolves through the series, his love for certain characters grows. And Daisuke not only learns about the people around him, he learns about himself and grows into a stronger character.

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