December 30, 2009

daddy's ...

A young man was getting ready to graduate from college.
For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.
As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his private study.

His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box.
Curious, but somewhat disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold...

Angry, he raised his voice to his father and said "With all your money, you give me a Bible?" and stormed out of the house, leaving the Bible.

Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business.
He had a beautiful home and wonderful family, but realized his father was very old, and thought perhaps he should go to him.
He had not seen him since that graduation day.
Before he could make arrangements, he received a telegram telling him his father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to his son. He needed to come home immediately and take care of things.

When he arrived at his father's house, sudden sadness and regret filled his heart.
He began to search through his father's important papers and saw the still new Bible, just as he had left it years ago.
With tears, he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages.

And as he did, a car key dropped from the back of the Bible. It had a tag with the dealer's name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired.
On the tag was the date of his graduation, and the words PAID IN FULL.

How many times do we miss Spirit's blessings and answers to our prayers because they do not arrive exactly as we have expected?

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas all ! ^^

hope this Christmas brings a lot of happiness for all human kind .. ^^

thx for dragonartz for the picture..

December 16, 2009

heal the world

yesterday .. Trans corp, one of television stations in my country, held an event to celebrate their 8th birthday.
I like the event so much ^^ they invited a lot of music bands, singer, acrobat players, and comedians.

one of the singer, Agnes Monica, sang Michael Jackson's songs as a tribute to him.. smooth criminal, beat it, I want u back, I'll be there, and heal the world..
I, who like MJ so much, so delighted to see her singing ^^ ..
and .. what amazed me is that .. Agnes said some words .. between I'll be There and Heal the World..

this is what she said:

"there are a lot of things .. that had happened and still happening to our world ..
we are forced to believe that there's no love anymore.. that this condition is the best that we can get.
fights, discrimination, war, killings, bombs, terrorism, and so many others bad things to believe what i call non love.
but, I refuse to giving to that. I refuse to believe that there's no love in our heart.
in our little space right here I still believe in sympathy , caring, affection, and touch.
we are created to give, not to take away. together, and not to divorce. to unit and not to divide. and the most importantly, we are created to love, and to be loved.."

really .. this words make me permeates MJ's song better.. and more important,, it made me think deeply .. and I realized that the world still need a lot of kindness to survive..

so.. why not we spread a little more kindness to our world? ^^
for a better day .. a better future ..

December 10, 2009

God's creation

God creates us with ..

two eyes in front of our head
to always look ahead,
not look back and tied to the past

two ears on the left and the right
to hear from two sides,
accept both praise and criticism so we able to see the truth

brain, which is protected by the skull
so although we poor on physical, we are still rich
because nobody can steal our wisdom and knowledge

two eyes, two ears, but only one mouth,
because mouth, with tongue within it, is like a sharp weapon.. that can tease, hurt, or kill others
be someone who speak little, but listen and observe a lot

and a heart,, deep behind the rib cage
that always remind us to appreciate others
and spread love, that come from the deepest of heart

like Christ who has loved and willing to die for us all ..

December 06, 2009

story of blind boy

once upon,
a blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet
he held up a sign which said I AM BLIND, PLEASE HELP

there were only a few coins in the hat.
a man was walking by. he took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat.

he then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words.

he put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words

soon the hat began to fill up.

a lot more people were giving money to the blind boy.

that afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were.

the boy recognized his footsteps and asked, "were you the one who changed my sign this morning? what did you write?"

the man said,
"I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a DIFFERENT way."

what he had written was:


do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing?

of course both signs told people the boy was blind.

but the first sign simply told people to help by putting some money in the hat.

the second sign told people that they were able to enjoy the beauty of the day, but the boy could not enjoy it because he was blind.

should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

there are life lessons we can learn from this simple story

"be thankful for what you have. someone else has less. help where you can"


"invite others towards good with wisdom. live life with no excuse and love with no regrets. when life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile."

"face your past without regret. handle your present with confidence. prepare for the future without fear. keep the faith and drop the fear."

"life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness."

"the most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling. and even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!"

-the end-

"may you be well and happy! may you grow in compassion and wisdom"


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