September 25, 2011

JaeJun’s Letter for Hana

Dear Hana...
Thank you for spending the past days with me.
And I'm sorry.
The time I had with you...
It was fun.
But now, I have to leave all this...
I told you before,
That when I get caught cheating, It would be the end.
I didn't have any chance to tell you about myself.
I was really pathetic
I started my own business
Without any hesitation
And I did whatever I want to do
Back then,
I thought life was just a game
But it all went wrong...
The relationship I had,
I lost all of them.
My family, my friends, and the girl...
I get distressed by it when I think of it now
I think that was the most tiring part
But I got into accident.
In those times,
I felt like I was running away from the tiring game of life.
But after I found this job,
I was happy.
After I met you,
I completely changed.
If felt like I found something special.
This is the truth.
The time I spent with you...
... was the best.
I was thinking.
Instead of sending other people's letters,
I've always wanted to send my own,personal ones.
After looking back,I had a complicated thought.
I worked hard and wrote this letter.
The plan with the man and son's tape was a big disaster
Please forgive me...
Even though, I'm not familiar with writing a letter...
The thought of wanting to send a letter to someone is my first time.
And I thought I had to do it properly.
I mean, I wanted to...
I'm very thankful.

Those are letter from a ‘Postman to Heaven’ that met a girl in his journey.. A girl that changed his life forever..

I’m Sorry..

they said..
regret always came late.
and I never mind it before..
for me, that sentence is just a words made by those who regret their decisions.

until these days, when I realized my foolishness.
3 months we spent without talking.
92 days we spent without seeing each other.
2208 hours we passed, alone.
132480 minutes I spent regretting my decision.
and 7948800 seconds for missing you.

I apologize, dear..
I thought that's the best way for you.
I was sure you will go on over the pain and start to search another beginning.

but now..
I realized.
that my method is damn wrong.
and it's too late now for me to come back.
like all things that happen in our world, I realized how much you're mean for me after I lost you :')

sorry I was a fool ..


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