December 16, 2009

heal the world

yesterday .. Trans corp, one of television stations in my country, held an event to celebrate their 8th birthday.
I like the event so much ^^ they invited a lot of music bands, singer, acrobat players, and comedians.

one of the singer, Agnes Monica, sang Michael Jackson's songs as a tribute to him.. smooth criminal, beat it, I want u back, I'll be there, and heal the world..
I, who like MJ so much, so delighted to see her singing ^^ ..
and .. what amazed me is that .. Agnes said some words .. between I'll be There and Heal the World..

this is what she said:

"there are a lot of things .. that had happened and still happening to our world ..
we are forced to believe that there's no love anymore.. that this condition is the best that we can get.
fights, discrimination, war, killings, bombs, terrorism, and so many others bad things to believe what i call non love.
but, I refuse to giving to that. I refuse to believe that there's no love in our heart.
in our little space right here I still believe in sympathy , caring, affection, and touch.
we are created to give, not to take away. together, and not to divorce. to unit and not to divide. and the most importantly, we are created to love, and to be loved.."

really .. this words make me permeates MJ's song better.. and more important,, it made me think deeply .. and I realized that the world still need a lot of kindness to survive..

so.. why not we spread a little more kindness to our world? ^^
for a better day .. a better future ..

5 komentar:

  1. Great article you have my friend...

    I really like those words too :)

  2. Very inspiring. Following your blog now. Merry Christmas.

  3. I agree, we need more kindness in the world. I AM NOT A FAN OF MICHAEL JACKSON AT AT ALL, but Agnes had some lovely words. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Merry Christmas too ^^
    thankz for following, guys ~
    and thx for commenting! >.<

    happy new year, guys ..



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