February 06, 2010


someday, a teacher of kindergarten held a 'game' for her students.
the teacher told each child to bring a plastic bag with potatoes within. they must named each potatoes with the name of people who they hate. so, the number of potato is not determined. it depends on the number of people you hate.

On the agreed day each student brought the potatoes in a plastic bag. They brought 2, 3 or even 5. As their teacher ordered each potato in accordance named names of people they hate.

the students must bring that potatoes wherever they go, even to the toilet, for a week ahead.
day by day, those potatoes began to rot. children start to complain, especially those who carrying 4 or 5 potatoes. the potatoes were heavy and smelled very bad.

finally, one though week passed. all children were very relieved.

teacher: "how it feel to bring a bag of potatoes for a week?"

then all of student start to complaining about the rotten potatoes and how heavy they are.
then the teacher explained what the meaning of the 'game' they did.

teacher: "such like that is the hatred which always we carry when we can't forgive others. it was very uncomfortable carrying rotten potatoes wherever we go. it just for a week.. how will it be if we carrying hatred for a lifetime?"

Therefore let's learn to forgive each other.. because by forgiving we can feel peace. it is difficult, we know that. but we can do it! ^^

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  1. Great lesson ... and to add, the load isn't just heavy and rotten, it can ruin your health & mindset. TFS!!

  2. This is very nice post, with moral lesson. I can use this activity for my students. thanks again.

  3. ^ ^ thank you very much ..
    glad to hear that =)

  4. This is a great story and it is true that if you carry the hatred around with you it will make you a very complaining person. Far better to takw the hard road and forgive or at least accept and just get on with having fun. Also I dropped by to thank you for being one of my top droppers. Love your blog. Have a great day and thanks again.

  5. it's my pleasure, Brenda ^ ^ thank you very much

  6. Nice post, its a lesson to be learnt just like aesop fable's.



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