January 10, 2011

Fishing Joke

Alex had a terrible day fishing on the lake, sitting in the blazing sun all day without catching a single one. On his way home, he stopped at the fishmonger and ordered four rainbow trout. He told the fishmonger, 'Pick four large ones out and throw them at me, will you?'

'Why do you want me to throw them at you?' Asked the salesman?' So that I am able to tell my wife, in all honesty, that I caught them.' said Alex.

'Okay, but I suggest that you take the salmon.' Why's that? 'Because your wife came in earlier today and said that if you came by, I should tell you to take salmon. That's what she'd like for supper tonight', replied the fishmonger with a grin.

4 komentar:

  1. Life is never flat, think a life think for wealthy and to be bless

  2. that's true :D
    thank you for coming. i really glad to see your comment !

  3. At least Alex won't lie to his wife. He did actually catch those fish. LOL.

  4. hahaha. poor Alex :D
    thx for coming, Trickster!



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