April 10, 2010

a little message

listen my family grumbling at home,
it means i still have complete family ..

feel so tired and weary every evening,
because it means I able to work hard ..

wash dishes after receive a guest at home,
it means I surrounded by a lot of friends ..

my clothes feels little bit tight,
because it means that my food has enough nutrients..

washing and ironing clothes,
it means I still have clothes to wear ..

clean the yard, clean windows, repair gutters,
because it means I have a place to stay ..

sit in the office again,
it means there is company willing to employ me.. moreover, the company still able to pay my salary everymonth ..

listen alarm ringing every morning,
because it means I still alive ..

at the end .. I need to thanks God for receiving this message, because I still have a good friend who care about me ..

from my friend, Yogie P

4 komentar:

  1. Hello there~~!
    I've just stumbled on your site!

    It looks so amazing ne!!
    So I followed you already

    I hope you could follow me
    if you want to ;)

  2. thanks for following back o(^O^)o
    how are you today?? XDXD



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