April 05, 2010

my favorite game lately

Well .. I must say that I'm a bit lazy to take care of the blog lately.. This is all because a new game that my friends introduced to me. The game I mentioned is Seal Online.

Seal Online is an animated fantasy game with an interesting graphic style. Unlike other Asian games, players in Seal Online have the option to select their first class during character creation but can opt to start as a beginner to try the game out before making a class choice at level 10. Similarly, players are given three starting town choices with one being a newbie town. Seal Online isn’t a revolutinary MMORPG but has many unique features and more than an average amount of starting classes.
The classes are:

Beginner - This choice is for those who are uncertain of what class they want to play. Beginners can experience the game freely until level 10 at which time they can either make the first class change or continue to play as jobless Vegabonds, an ill advised choice.
Knight - Knights have the highest defense and make the best tank class. They use one handed swords and have a hard time leveling alone during the early stages. The most important stats for a Knight are strength and agility and some vitality.
Warrior - The offensive melee class, Warriors use two handed swords to deal high damage. Their most important stats are strength and agility.
Magician - Masters of offensive spells. Magicians have low defense but make up for it with powerful long ranged attacks. Their most important stats are intelligence and wisdom.
Cleric - Cleric are a supportive class with healing and buffing spells but are also capable melee fighters. Stats that are important to cleric include strength, intelligence, and wisdom.
Clown - The rogues of Seal Online. Clowns use daggers or throwing weapons and prefer speed over brute force. Clowns rely on agility, strength and intelligence.
Craftsman - The merchant class that can create powerful equipment. Craftsman protect themselves with large mallets if required. Their primary stats are luck for crafting and strength for increased damage.

Each class has two second class options available after reaching level 150. The level cap in Seal Online is over 200 so there is plenty of grinding to be done!
I played Cleric .. and I’m just 95 now .. T _ T

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