August 18, 2010

just a little story ..

one day, a boyfriend gave a challenge to his girlfriend.
to live without him, and there will be no communication between them for 1 day.

he said to his girl, that if she could pass this challenge, he will love her till the end of time.

the girl .. gladly, she accepted that challenge.
she didn't call him, send message to him all day.
without knowing that the person she loved very much only has
24 hours left to live.. because of his cancer.

the next day, she went to the boy's house.. and found her beloved was lay down with a smile on his face, and he was holding a letter ..
her tears fell down ..

" you did it, honey .. can you do it everyday?? I love you .. "

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  2. sedih banget ceritanya sampe nangis..tapi keren.. huh..jd inget sm pcr ~_~

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