September 04, 2010

Beloved Prince

When the time had come, Mary and Eugene had gone through wonderful 34 years of marriage. Mary had lot of love calls for Eugene, but the one that she likes most was ’Prince Eugene’. However, on 24th October 1995, when it was only 3 months more they would celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, unexpectedly Eugene died. Mary’s heart broke.

Seasons changed and time passed. It was Valentine’s Day. Mary could not stand in this loneliness alone. So she took a step out from their home and went into bazaar at the centre of city. There, she looked around to many stands and nothing was interesting for her.
Suddenly, her eyes fixed on Camellias in the corner of bazaar. Those flowers were beautiful, full bloomed and pure white. These Camellias reminded her about flowers on her wedding. Without any doubts she bought a bundle and brought it home.

At home, Mary chose a place beside Eugene’s favorite tree for her new flowers. While she planting the Camellias, she said this again and again: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Eugene.. Happy Valentine’s Day, my prince..”

Then, when she wanted to stand up, she saw a little white card between the flowers. Mary thought that the seller had named these Camellias, as they named other flowers. She flipped the card with her dirty fingers. As she read the writing at the card, she felt her tears fell down.
There, with a black ink, written the name of those white flowers: Prince Eugene.

Maybe that was a kiss from her husband from heaven…

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