August 02, 2011

My Favourite Anime Lately

Well.. I really love DNAngel anime since I was a little girl. I love its story, its characters, its graphic, anything about it! And years after that anime ended, I still not have found anything as cool as DNAngel yet. Until few months ago, my friend, Reyvateilia gave me an anime. An amazing one. CLANNAD. This anime.. was really cool. This anime was one of the most saddest, but also one of the most funniest anime I've ever seen. Not just that, the story is just like our daily life, so we can understand it well and touched so easily. Scene by scene amazed me and I learned a lot from this anime. It told me how even a modest life working at a bakery can be full of love and excitement. Maybe the ending seem to come out of nowhere, but without spoiling it, I see a powerful way to show that a life filled with suffering and love still better than a boring life with no risk at all. Nagisa and Tomoya really taught me many things. Thanks a lot, Rey! But DNAngel is still my favourite also! :p

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  1. Hi, unexpectedly found my name here~ XD

  2. Finally you read this, huh? LOL ~
    Glad you've come by!



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