August 31, 2011

Dear Carolline

When you read this, we’re already separated by a long long distance. But I know that distance doesn’t matter. Somehow, we are connected by an unbreakable bond. That’s why in our heart, we’re still having each other.

Well.. I’m not good at writing.. and I’m not good at saying goodbye, too. So forgive me, dear.. I won’t say any ‘goodbye’ to you. Cause there’s no goodbye for families.

Instead of goodbye, I want to thank you. Thank you for everything you gave to me, for everything you’ve done, for always be there, for cheering me up. Thanks for changing me to a better person. I’m really grateful I met you. You’re really a God’s gift for us. Without you, I won’t be the same person as I am.

We believe that someday we’ll meet again. We will go again to that place, together. Until that time, let’s chase our dreams. Do your best! I know you will make your family proud. Maybe it is not easy to get our dreams come true, but you must not give up.

Remember, there’s a rainbow after a rain. No matter how hard or how sad it will be, there will be happiness behind them. And you’re not alone. You still have us, wherever and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Like our favorite song, ‘Count on Me’. Remember the lyric? Secret telling smile And we also have each other, too.

Ah.. As you know, I always not good at ending something. Including this one. I don’t know what to say.. I wish for your happiness, dear. God bless.

From fish that always love you.

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